The Reading Slump And How To Fight It

Definition: Those crazy times where you just can’t seem to read anything. In other words, an avid readers nightmare.

Hands up if you’ve experienced a reading slump or are currently in one. These can range from a week, a month and sometimes even a year!

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have gone through this dreadful phase but if you haven’t, consider yourself blessed 😉

Recently, I’ve picked up 4 books that is at least 50% read and they’re all still under my currently reading shelf. It’s highly possible that I’m falling into the deep dark reading slump hole. Someone save me.


Here’s a few (hopefully) helpful tips to get you back to one of the things you love the most:

  • Reread a favorite book – Personally, I find this method the most helpful one because rereading an old book that I really enjoyed helps remind me what I love about reading. It’s like a sour sweet that kicks your taste buds into action.
  • Listen to an audiobook – Listening to a book being read to you is a whole new experience. At first, it may seem a little strange but a good narrator can even make a bad book sound great. Plus, audiobooks are considered reading so at least you no longer have to feel guilty about not reading, you know?
  • Fan fiction – Sometimes it’s kind of fun reading about your favorite characters in an alternative story. It might even inspire you to write your very own fan fiction story. Maybe you could even write about Harry Potter blasting Bella Swan off the earth for her stupidity. I kid. 😀
  • Try something new – What I found effective is to just accept what you’re going through and move on to something else. Usually when I keep pushing, I just end up frustrated and moody. Spend time outside enjoying the sun, watch a movie or tv series, drawing or you could listen to songs, anything that doesn’t have to do with reading.

Do you have any other methods that can help fight a reading slump? Let me know in the comments below. ♥


8 thoughts on “The Reading Slump And How To Fight It

  1. Idle Emma says:

    I think I’m in a reading slump right now…I want to read but I keep just finding other things to do instead of reading and tell myself ‘it’s okay, I’ll pick up my kindle tomorrow night!’ It’s always tomorrow 😀

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  2. honya says:

    Yep, reading slumps are the worst. I think I’ve mostly found the same things to be effective at getting past a slump that you have. Gerald Morris, Hari Tokeino & Doctor Who are probably my favorite go-to stories/authors in those times. 🙂

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  3. Reg @ She Latitude says:

    Aww, sorry to hear about the reading slump! I’ve been in a couple myself and it’s rather devastating. It took me three years to get over my last one, but then again I also wasn’t really trying as I was busy with other things. I definitely was reading some fanfiction though during the time I was just not reading new books. 😛

    I don’t think I have any advice or tips rather than to ride it out. I feel like the more you force yourself, the less likely it is you’ll ~magically~ enjoy reading again. Hope you find your momentum back!

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