Out of Stock?

It’s kind of funny how when you really want something and it just so happens that the world doesn’t feel you should have it. In this case, I was really anticipating the final installment of the much loved series, The Raven Boys and to you know, read it in paperback format and get the whole experience. But guess what? THERE’S NO STOCK.

Of course, I live on the other side of the world where it takes like 3-4 weeks for things to get shipped here but luckily I’m a very patient person. Sometimes. 😀 I honestly have no clue as to why publishers and suppliers would not ensure that they are enough copies to be sold. I mean, don’t they want make as much profit as they can? I for sure would.

Anyway, it kind of sucks that I wasn’t able to get a paperback copy so I’ll just have to stick to the good old ebook copy. In the meantime, I’m just here dodging spoilers from everywhere until I come out of this reading slump.


Were you able to get a copy? What did you think of the book? 🙂 (#nospoilers)


4 thoughts on “Out of Stock?

  1. ravenandbeez says:

    Oh my god! Tell me about it! I’m on a book buying ban AND broke! So I have the book all around me but I cant buy it and it’s so frustrating that it makes me wanna cry. I really don’t want to be spoiled. If I come across a spoiler I will burn down my house… or maybe not.

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